The recent past has created new constraints of extreme economic crisis and repressive policies for many individuals, collectives, and institutions supported by the Foundation for Arts Initiatives. Nationalism, populism, and public intimidation are rising, and self-censorship and withdrawal from the public sphere are observable outcomes.

We have adapted our grantmaking to accommodate crucial and urgent needs of individuals and institutions whose research and practices address such conditions of constraint. Those who meet that criteria may submit inquiries requesting support for essential operating expenses to carry out their activities. 

FfAI is interested in practices that originate or end in the arts but also have broader effects and consequences. We focus on people, projects, groups, and institutions developing new and dynamic definitions of community and connectivity, especially those that foster collectivity.

Individual grants are made to artists, activists, researchers, writers, and others in the visual arts to pursue their research without institutional, governmental, or philanthropic preconditions.

Alternative forms of institutionality in the visual arts, their history, successes, and failures, the redefinition and use of archives, and new practices for the commons remain ongoing concerns.